I was inspired by Malevics’s artwork called “white rectangle on white base”.
The white symbolize the absorption where the color get lost in space.
The video installation trying to give a new definition for the pictorial. Focusing on the materials of the environment where it got installed.
The image starts with the canvas, where an environment for the hanging needed the wall, which is part of the overall image, as the background it is affecting the work.
The pictorial motive is the material itself the canvas in this case, which is installed on the wall.
The canvas is painted as the wall structure. In the next faze the threads of the canvas are unraveled in different spaces and times.
Then the process is being watched in inside and outside situations. The environments redefine the meaning of the picture.
The inside and outside spaces affect it differently. The closed intimate space and the broad city locations are creating a contrast that is broaden the definition.
The end product is the video, that documents the disappearing, dissolving and unraveling of the canvas.



ceramic paste, tablet
20x 30x40 cm